New Account/Organisation Button

To create a new Account/Organisation, go to the Accounts/Organisations Tab and click the NewButton.

The best practice for creating a new Account/Organisation Record is to firstly check that the record does not already exist in the system. Typically you would do this using the Global Search Field at the top of the Salesforce interface.

New Account/Organisation Create Page

You'll then be presented with an empty form that allows you to capture details about the Account/Organisation.

  1. The Account/Organisation Name Field is mandatory.
    • You can identify mandatory fields by the red star to the left of the field label.
  2. You can look up and relate a Parent Account.
    • Parent Account hierarchy's allow you to link many branches of the same Account/Organisation.
  3. Picklist fields allow you to categorise the Account/Organisation, which is useful for building meaningful Reports and Views.
  4. When you've entered all the information, click Save to commit the record to the database or Save & New to commit the record and add another one.

Address Fields

Click in the Search Address Field to use a Google Powered Search to find the address. After searching and selecting the correct address the other address fields will populate automatically.