This article explores the process for creating and editing Account/Organisation views. Views are created via the Accounts/Organisations Tab to provide a more meaningful view for you depending on the types of Accounts/Organisations that you work with.

For example, I may only need to see Accounts/Organisations based in NSW because this is my sales region or I may only need to see Government Accounts/Organisations because I run events for this industry.

Selecting a View

When clicking into the Accounts/Organisations Tab you'll be presented with the Recent Accounts/Organisations View, which will contain a list of all Account/Organisation Records that you've recently accessed. To update the view select a view from the picklist.

Create views that are meaningful to you and other Salesforce users to make it easier to access records that are relevant to you.

List View Controls

The List View Controls can be accessed via the Cog Icon towards the top right of the view interface.

  • New - allows you to create a new view.
  • Rename - rename the selected view.
  • Sharing Settings - select who to share the view with.
  • Edit List Filters - update the filters on the view.
  • Select Fields to Display - select the columns visible in the view.
  • Delete - remove the selected view.