This article shows you where you can access Activities on Salesforce Records.

Every record in Salesforce has a capability to activate activities. Most commonly they're available on the Organisation, Contact Lead and Opportunity Records.

When you click into a record you'll see Activities related to that record on the right of the interface. In some cases, like Opportunities, the default setup for Activities will be slightly different.

Activities that you can track against a Salesforce Record include:

  • Tasks - create internal tasks associated to a record and assign them to yourself or another user.
  • Events - create calendar events associated to the record.
  • Calls - track important phone calls that you have with external Contacts and Organisations.
  • Emails - track emails that sre sent to external Contacts.

The Activity section is broken into 2 sections, providing you with a full summary of your activities associated with the selected record:

  • Next Steps - activities that are yet to be completed.
  • Past Activity - a chronologically ordered summary of your activity history.