This article shows you how to send an email from Salesforce. Emails sent from Salesforce will be recorded on the selected Salesforce Record.

To send an email from Salesforce, click into a Salesforce Record, navigate to the Activity section and click Send Email.

Enter the email details and click Send.

  • From - who is sending the email. Organisation email addresses can be configured in Salesforce (eg.
  • To - the email recipient.
  • Bcc - this will default to the logged in user's email address, so that you get a copy of the email in your inbox.
  • Subject - the subject line of your email.
  • Body - the body of your email.
  • Related To - option to relate the email to another record in Salesforce. Search by data object.

At the bottom of the email interface you'll see some icons:

  • Paperclip - attach a file to the email.
  • Merge Field - merge data from the selected record into your email.
  • Template - choose a pre-configured email template.
  • Preview - preview your email before sending.
  • Bin - clear the email.

You can configure an email signature in the user settings area. Navigate to Settings (via the profile/person icon in the top right of the interface) > Email (in the menu that appears on the left) > My Email Settings.

You can also configure email templates that can be used to standardise communications.