This article demonstrates how to link a Salesforce account with a Dropbox account, enabling the user to utilise Dropbox for document management in Salesforce.

A Dropbox account must be created for each Salesforce user that requires access to Dropbox.

Log into Dropbox and click into the Admin Console.

Then select the Invite Members tab.

A new window will pop up and follow the below steps:

  1. Enter the email address that was used to create the Salesforce account that you are linking to
  2. Enter any additional text or instructions for the user
  3. Select Send Invites

The email address for Salesforce and Dropbox accounts must be identical to grant access.

In order to complete registration of the new user's Dropbox account, the user must confirm via the welcome email from Dropbox.

Once registration is confirmed, the Salesforce Documents folder must be shared with the new user.

From the Dropbox Home screen, hover over the Salesforce Documents folder and select Share.

A new window will pop up where you will then follow the below instructions:

  1. Search and select the new user you have just added
  2. Set their access/edit permissions
  3. Enter any additional text or instructions for the user

Click Share to share with this user.

If you cannot locate the user you have just added, ensure that they have accepted their invitation to join Dropbox.

An invitation email will be sent to the user which they must confirm to grant access to the Salesforce Documents folder.

In Salesforce, navigate to a record's Files tab and you should now be able to access any files associated with that record. If a record has no associated files, you should see the below message.    

If you are receiving an error message or if Dropbox for Salesforce has not successfully linked your accounts, please repeat the above steps.