This article shows administrators how to update search layouts in the system for all data objects.

Updating Search Layouts

To access and update search layouts:

  1. Access the Setup Menu via the dropdown list at the top of the interface.
  2. Search for "object" using the Quick Find field and click into the Object Manager. Select the object that you'd like to update from the list.
  3. Scroll down to the Search Layouts section and click on the arrow icon to select Edit for the search layout. The available layouts can include:
    • Search Results - defines the fields that will appear in columns when running a search.
    • Lookup Dialogs - defines the fields that will appear when looking up the field via a relationship on a page layout.
    • Lookup Phone Dialogs - defines the fields that will appear if you're using a call center.
    • Tab - defines the fields that will appear when clicking on the tab.
    • List View - defines the buttons that appear on a list view.
    • Search Filter Fields - defines the search filters that can be applied for the data object.

After clicking the Edit Link, select the fields that you'd like to appear as columns for the selected search layout.

You can also select the buttons that you'd like to be available for the specified search layout.