This article shows you how to run a weekly data export from Salesforce. It's recommended that organisations undertake this data backup process as a minimum requirement and look at a more mature data backup strategy as their databases grow.

Data Export

The recommended approach for data backup via this process is to set a Scheduled Export and run it outside of work hours. The schedule is limited to running once per week and will generate a file, which can be accessed by an organisation administrator for 2 days after the backup process runs.

To set the export schedule or export data now:

  1. Go to the Setup Menu.
  2. Use the Quick Search function to find "Data Export".
  3. Click into Data Export.
  4. Click Export Now or Schedule Export.

Discuss other data backup options with your Vertic account manager. A mature data backup strategy includes a nightly backup process, which is an upgrade from the standard data backup process discussed in this article.

Schedule Export

Set the export schedule:

  1. Frequency
    • Set it to Weekly or Monthly.
    • Choose the day of the week. Selecting an earlier day of the week will give you greater chance to download the file during work hours.
    • Set an End Date to be sometime in the future.
    • Set the Preferred Start Time (some tim after hours so that system performance is not impacted).
  2. Exported Data - the standard is to select Include All Data, but you can also select specific data objects.

Download File

The export will be queued for processing and when it's completed it'll be available for download. The file will disappear after 2 days.