This article shows you how to navigate to the Profile Permissions through the Setup Menu in Salesforce.

To access Profile Permissions, click into the Setup Menu and navigate to Users > Profiles.

Click on the Profile Name of the Profile that you'd like to view or update.

Clicking on the Profile Name will take you to the settings for that Profile. There is a range of options to choose from:

  • App Permissions:
    • Assigned Apps - defines which apps are visible to the profile.
    • Assigned Connected Apps - defines which connected apps ar visible to the profile.
    • Object Settings - allows each data object in the system to be configured with Read, Create, Edit, Delete access, including individual fields.
    • App Permissions - allows an admin to configure a range of app permissions suitable for the profile.
    • Apex Class Access - gives the profile access to Apex functions.
    • Visualforce Page Access - gives the profile access to Visualforce Pages.
    • External Data Source Access - provides access to external data sources.
    • Named Credential Access - allows the user to callout to external endpoints if any are defined.
    • Custom Permissions - allows an admin to assign custom permission sets.
  • System Permissions:
    • System Permissions - provides permissions for a range of different system functions (eg. Managing Public Report Folders, Managing Public List Views, Managing Users)
    • Desktop Client Access - configuration options for Connect for Office and Offline mode.
    • Login Hours - allows an admin to control the login hours for the profile.
    • Login IP Ranges - allows an admin to control the IP range allowed for the profile to login from.
    • Service Providers - used for Single Sign on functions.
    • Session Settings - allows an admin to set the time out value for Salesforce sessions and the login security level.
    • Password Policies - allows an admin to configure a suitable password policy for the profile.
    • Default Community - allows a default community to be set for the profile.

Object Settings and System Permissions are likely to be the most frequently viewed and updated permissions, so this would be a great place to start with better understanding Profile Permissions.