This article explores the Contacts Tab and provides some guidance on how to navigate to the various functions within the tab.

Contact Tab

Accounts/Organisations and Contacts provide the foundation for your CRM system. The Contacts Tab will feature prominently in your environment, you'll see it when accessing an app where the tab has been made visible.

When clicking into the tab, by default you'll see the Recent Contacts that you've accessed. To access more Contacts you'll need to select a View and click Go!.

You can click on the Contact Name to access the record.

  1. Contacts Tab
  2. Contacts View
  3. New Contact Button
  4. Contact Tools - List Controls, Contact Displays, Contact Charts, etc.
  5. Contacts Tools

Contact View

After selecting a View the view will update to show all the Contacts based on the view's filters.

From this view you can:

  1. Click on a column header to order the view by that column.
  2. Click on the Contact Name to access the record.
  3. Click into a cell to update the value.
  4. Click on the Arrow Icon to Edit or Delete the Contact.
  5. Scroll down the page to view all the records in the view.

Inline Editing

Click into a cell to update the values from the list view.

Contact Charts

Click on the Chart Icon to open a chart view of your Contacts. You can then select the type of chart that's visible via the picklist.