This article explores Contact Records and the standard data that is captured on each record.

Contact Detail

After accessing a Contact Record from the Contacts Tab you will be presented with the Contact Detail Page.

This page contains all the data that has been collected about the Contact. Towards the top of the page you'll see the Related Tab, which contain links to records that are related to the Contact (Cases, Opportunities, Relationships, etc.).

To the right of the interface you'll see the Activity and Chatter Tabs.

  • Activity - allows you to capture details about your engagements with the Contact - Tasks, Calls, Emails, Events.
  • Chatter - allows you to collaborate internally about the Contact - Posts, create a Poll, ask Questions.

In the example Contact Detail Page snapshot below, you can see a range of standard and custom fields that make up the Contact Detail.

To extend the Contact Page to include more data fields, validation rules, updated picklist values, etc. contact your system administrator. Data standards should improve as your organisation becomes more diligent at recording Contact information.

Contact Related Tab

Clicking on the Related Tab, you'll see several lists with related data, these are called Related Lists and contain links to records that have been related to the Contact in the system.

Common relationships for Contact Records include - Event Registrations, Contact Profiles, Related Organisations Activities, Opportunities, Cases and Files.

Related Lists represent a one-to-many relationship in Salesforce, meaning that one Contact Record can have many Event Registrations, Cases, Opportunities, etc.

You'll notice that each related list contains a New Button allowing you to create new related records.