This article explores the process for creating and editing Contact views. Views are created via the Contacts Tab to provide a more meaningful view depending on the types of Contacts that you work with.

For example, I may only need to see Contacts based in a particular region because that's where I deliver services or I may only need to see contacts who pay for a membership because I run membership services.

Selecting a View

When clicking into the Contacts Tab you'll be presented with the Recent Contacts View, which will contain a list of all Contact Records that you've recently accessed. To update the view select a view from the picklist.

List View Controls

The List View Controls allow you to create a new view or update the selected view.

  • New - create a new view.
  • Rename - rename the view.
  • Sharing Settings - select who has access to the move.
  • Edit List Filters - update the view filters.
  • Select Fields to Display - select the columns to appear in the view.
  • Delete - remove the selected view.

Create views that are meaningful to you and other Salesforce users to make it easier to access records that are relevant to you.