This article explores the function of Leads in Salesforce.

Leads are used to record Organisation and Contact information for unqualified records in Salesforce. Organisations who use leads will manage an internal process which validates the Lead information and either converts the Lead into an Organisation, Contact and Opportunity OR dismisses the Lead as "Unqualified".

Leads Tab

To view existing Leads and create new Leads, navigate to the Leads Tab.

  1. Click into the Leads Tab to access Leads.
  2. Select a filtered View
  3. Create a new view filter View.
  4. Click New to create a new Lead.
  5. Click on the Lead Name to open an existing record.

Lead Detail

After selecting a Lead Record, click into the Details section to view the information that has been recorded for that Lead.

  1. Lead Actions include:
    • Follow - this will post Lead updates in your Chatter Feed, so you can follow the Lead progress.
    • Convert - allows you to quickly convert qualified leads to Organisation, Contact and Opportunity.
    • Edit - update the Lead information.
  2. Lead Status - allows you to easily track the Lead progress.
  3. Lead Details - summary information for the Lead.
  4. Related Information - a summary of records related to the Lead.

Lead Activities

Activites are a strong focus on Lead Records, allowing users to easily identify the progress of the Lead towards qualification.

To access Lead Activities click into the Lead Record and select the Activity section.