This article explores the Home Tab.

Home Tab

The Home Tab is the default tab that you'll see when you log in to your Salesforce environment. This tab can be configured to support information that is most useful for you to view when accessing your system - Reports/Dashboards, List Views, Recent Items, Tasks, Events, etc.

Speak to your system administrator about customising your Home Tab to meet your specific needs.

Salesforce Header Icons

In the top right of the Salesforce interface you'll see a set of icons:

  • Favourites Icon - click this icon when you're in a record that you will commonly access to add it to your favourites. You'll then be able to access the record via the dropdown function on this icon.
  • Global Actions (Plus Icon) - allows you to quickly create records or complete other assigned global actions.
  • Help and Training (Question Mark Icon) - allows you to access Salesforce specific Help and Training.
  • Settings (Cog Icon) - allows you to access the Setup Menu for completing administrative tasks.
  • Alerts (Bell Icon) - will show you any system alerts, including chatter posts, task reminders, etc.
  • Profile (Person Icon) - allows you to log out, access your personal settings and switch to Classic View.