This article explores how you manage the different views that appear under each tab.

Tab View Options

When you click into a tab in Salesforce you'll be presented with a view of Recent records that you've personally accessed. There are options available to access different views or create new views.

  1. Click into a tab to see the view options available for that tab.
  2. Select a view to access that view.
  3. Click on the Cog Icon to update the current view, create a new view, update sharing, update columns, etc.
  4. There are a set of other icons that allow you to do things within your view:
    • Pencil - edit values in your view. You can also double click on the column value that you'd like to update.
    • Chart - add a chart to represent your view data.
    • Filter - update the filters in your view.

Create views that help you gain quicker access to records in the system appropriate to your role.

Select Fields to Display

Update the columns in your view by selecting the "Select Fields to Display". Use the arrows to add fields and update the column sequence.