This article steps you through the process for creating a new Product.

To create a new Product navigate to the Products Tab, either through the tab if it's visible or via the App Launcher.

From the Products Tab, click the New Button.

There is some standard information that is requested for each Product.

  • Product Name (mandatory) - give the Product a meaningful name that identifies what it is.
  • Active - check this if the Product is active in the system. When the Product is retired, uncheck this to remove it from searches.
  • Product Code - this is an internal coding convention that you can choose to apply to your products.
  • Product Family - categorises the Product, useful for reporting.
  • Product Description - provide a detailed description of the Product and any other relevant information.

Click Save to commit the Product to your database. Now the product exists, but must be assigned to a Price Book to have an associated cost.