This article shows you how to create a tabular report.

Tabular Report Format

A tabular report is a simple spreadsheet-like report with standard columns and rows. You can select a Tabular report format via the Format dropdown list at the top of the Preview section of the report builder interface. 

All new reports will be presented in a tabular format by default.

Adding Columns

Drag-and-drop columns into the Preview section to add them to the report. A Tick Icon with a green background will appear to indicate that you're able to drop the field.

Removing Columns

To remove a column, hover over the column header and a small downwards arrow will appear enabling a dropdown list. Click on the arrow and select Remove Column.

Column Options

Hovering over a column and clicking into the dropdown list will also present a few other options to choose from:

  • Sort Ascending - sorts the report in order first-to-last.
    • A-to-Z for text fields.
    • Smallest-to-largest for numeric fields.
    • Earliest-to-latest for date fields.
  • Sort Descending - sorts the report in order last-to-first.
    • Z-to-A for text fields.
    • Largest-to-smallest for numeric fields.
    • Latest-to-earliest for date fields.
  • Group by this Field - updates the format of the report to a Summary Report and groups the report by the selected field.
  • Limit Rows by the Field - adds a Row Limit in the filter section and allows you to select a limit and specify a sort criteria.
  • Summarize this Field - enabled for numeric fields only, allowing you to summarize based on Sum, Average, Min and Max.
  • Bucket this Field - bucket fields allow you to apply custom grouping logic. See the Bucket Fields Tutorial for more information.