This article explores the Run Report Interface and the different functions available.

Accessing the Run Report Interface

You can access the Run Report Interface by clicking on a Report Name via the Reports Tab or clicking on Run Report when in the Report Builder Interface.

Running the report will retrieve all the data specified in the report based on the data objects, columns and filters selected.

Run Report Functions

There are several options available when running a report:

  • Chart Icon - clicking this switches on/off the the graphical representation of your report.
  • Filter Icon - adjust filters according to date period, ownership and other filters that you have assigned to the report.
  • Refresh Icon - refresh the report data.
  • Options Icon - update the level of detail that appears in the report.
  • Edit Button - click Edit to view the report in the report builder interface and make updates. Click the arrow next to Edit for a range of other options, listed below.
  • Clone - create a new version of your report.
  • Save - will save your report.
  • Delete - will delete the report.
  • Export - allows you to export the report to Excel or CSV.
  • Subscribe - allows you to subscribe to the report and receive notifications.