This article shows you how to create a new user record.

Accessing Users

To access the User Management area in the system:

  1. Go to the Setup Menu via the dropdown list at the top of the interface.
  2. Type "Users" into the quick find field at the top of the Setup Menu.
  3. Click into Users in the Setup Menu.

New User

When you've accessed the user area, click on the New User Button to create a new user

Add user details, assign key attributes Profile, License and Role (optional).

The Username by default will be the individual's email address. If the individual has access to more than one Salesforce environment, they will need to have different usernames for each environment.

if no licenses are available, review your current users and uncheck the Active checkbox if you have any users who no longer work with your organisation. This will free up a license to be used on a different user.

At the bottom of the User Detail page you'll see a checkbox that when checked will send a notification to the new user so they can set a password and login.

Finally click on Save to create your new user.