This article steps you through the process of creating a Letterhead in Salesforce, which can then be used to create branded email templates.

Adding Letterhead Images as Documents

Before creating a Letterhead the image files that will be used in the Letterhead need to be added to Salesforce in the Documents area. You have the option of adding a header and a footer, the parameters for both are a maximum:

  • 550 pixels width and 100 pixels height.

Click into the additional tabs area by clicking the "+" at the end of the tabs, then scroll down to Documents.

After clicking into Documents and accessing a Documents Folder, click on New Document to add your new document.

Complete the details of your document and upload the file from your computer.

The document will then be available as a header or footer when you create your Letterhead.

Creating a Letterhead

To create a Letterhead, navigate to the Letterheads option in the Setup Menu. Click New Letterhead to create your Letterhead.

The default view of the Letterhead can then be updated.

  • Click Select Logo in the Header and Footer areas to select images from your Salesforce Documents.
  • Edit the Background, Body and Line colours to your desired styles.

We recommend keeping your templates simple. Update the background colour to white (#FFFFFF) and the lines to a height of "0".