This article discusses the report builder drag-and-drop interface.

Report Builder Interface

The report builder interface allows you to rapidly build and save reports with the data objects you've specified in the report type.

  1. Fields - attributes available in your report type.
    • Use the Quick Find field to quickly find a field to add to your report.
    • Click on a filter icon to search by field type - text, number or date.
  2. Filters - drag-and-drop a field into the filter area to create a filter using that field.
    • You can filter by date using the in built Date Field options available in the filter area.
    • There is some advanced filter logic available via the Filters 'Add' dropdown list.
    • You can select to Show record based on ownership.
  3. Preview - drag-and-drop fields into the preview area to add the field to the report.
    • Drag-and-drop fields out of the preview section to remove them from the report.
    • Update the report Format via the dropdown at the top of the preview section.
    • Opt what to Show in the preview section via the dropdown at the top of the preview section.
  4. Run Report - when you're happy with the preview you can click the Run Report Button to retrieve all report data.

The report builder interface will only present you with a sample of the data. You need to run the report to retrieve all records.

Saving Reports

Click the Save Button to save your report or on Save As to save a new version of your report.

  • The Report Unique Name is usually auto-generated after adding a Report Name and must have no spaces.
  • It's recommended that you save your report in an appropriately categorised Report Folder or your personal report folder if the report is for your personal use.