This article discusses how to manage report fields in the report builder drag-and-drop interface.

Drag-and-drop Fields

The drag-and-drop interface allows you to move the fields around easily to build reports and add filters.

  • Drag a field into your report and you'll see a 'Tick' Icon with a green background which indicates you can drop the field.
  • Drag a field into the filter section if you'd like to filter your report by that field.

Search Fields

Search for fields via the Quick Find field at the top of the Fields section. As you type a string of text the list of fields will filter.

If you cannot find the field you're looking for, ask your System Administrator to add it to the report type.

Filter Fields

Click on an icon at the top of the Fields section to filter by that icon - text, number or date.

In the image below the date icon is selected and the list of fields is filtered to show all available date fields in the Contact and Account data objects.