This article shows users how to search records in Salesforce and how to manage the Search Page.

Searching Records

At the top of the interface is a global search function that has the capability to search all records in the database. Type in a string of text and click Search to retrieve all records in the system that contain that string of text.

An administrator can configure search settings to determine which data objects and fields will be searched.

Search Page

The search page provides a structured layout of all records that contain the string of text that has been entered.

  • On the left you can see a summary of the records that have been retrieved for each data object. Hover over a data object in this list and click the Pin Icon to adjust the order that the records appear.
  • Click on the Search Feeds option in the top left to search Chatter Feeds for the specified string of text.
  • Click on Search All to extend the search to all data objects.
  • Click on the Options... Link to for filter options.