This article explores the Home Tab.

Home Tab

The Home Tab is the default tab that you'll see when you log in to your Salesforce environment. There are several default components available on your Home Tab. Components can added/updated to meet your specific requirements.

  • Show/Hide Feed - click on this link to show/hide your chatter feed.
  • Dashboard - the dashboard component can be updated to display any of the available dashboards in the system.
    • Click Refresh to update the dashboard with the most current data.
    • Click Customize to update the dashboard that is visible.
  • My Tasks - provides a list of tasks that have been assigned to you.
    • Update the tasks view by selecting one of the filters available in the dropdown list in the top right of the component.
    • Click the "X" Icon in the Complete column when tasks have been completed.
  • Calendar - provides a list of upcoming calendar entries that have been added in Salesforce.

Speak to your system administrator about customising your Home Tab to meet your specific needs.

Customize Dashboard

Click Customize in the dashboard component and select a dashboard that you'd like to see when accessing your Home Tab.


The sidebar will appear on the left of the interface in all tabs if activated. There are several default components that appear in the sidebar and components can be added/removed as required.

  • Recent Items - displays most recently accessed records.
  • Custom Links - displays any custom links that have been configured.
  • Messages and Alerts - displays any messages and alerts specific to your user.
  • Recycle Bin - provides access to recently deleted items.
  • Quick Create - allows you to quickly create new records.