This article shows you how to view records and quickly navigate to related records.

Accessing a Record

To view a record you can use the Search Field at the top of the interface or click into a data tab. When you've found the record you're looking for click on the Name of the record to open it in view mode.


Navigating a Record

When you've accessed a record in view mode you can connect to other related records by clicking on data items that are underlined.


Related Lists

In view mode you'll be able to see related lists which contain all records that are related to record you're accessing. These are child records and have a one-to-many relationship with the record you're viewing. For example, one account can have many contacts.

You can click on the Name of a related record to access the record.


Related List Quick Links

At the top of the page you'll see quick access to all related lists available on the accessed record. Hover over one of the links to see related records and click into different records via these links for quick access.