This article shows users how to edit an existing record.

Editing a Record

To edit a record, click into a data tab, select a view and click the Edit Link next to a record.


After clicking the Edit Link you'll be presented with the record template in edit mode. Update the record details and click Save.

  • Fields with a red vertical dash are mandatory fields and must be completed.
  • Fields with a magnifying glass next to them are called Lookup Fields and will lookup other records in the system that you can relate to the record you're updating.


Lookup Fields

Lookup Fields allow you to create relationships with other records in the system. When you click on the magnifying glass you'll be presented with the window below.

  • Select from a recently viewed record by clicking on the record Name.
  • Type a string in the search field and click Go! to find a record.
  • Click the New Button to create a new record if you can't find the record you're looking for in the system.