This articles steps you through an example report for capturing the total donations of all Contacts and how to configure the report to represent a certain date range with aggregate data.

Donations Report Overview

Firstly a new report is created with the "Donations" Report Type selected. A Tabular Format Report is presented and steps are taken to Save the report with an appropriate name and to drag-and-drop the columns from the report template that are not needed.

Summary Format

Update the format from Tabular Format to Summary Format. You can then drag-and-drop a field to group by in the grouping area.

Summarise Field

After creating the grouping you can then choose to summarise the Amount so that the total for each grouping is calculated.

Remove Details

After creating the groupings and calculating the amounts, you can then remove details so that the report only displays aggregates. Uncheck the Details option in the Show Menu.

Filter By Date

Towards the top of the interface there are filter options, including several date filter options. You can select a set range (Current CY, Last Week, etc.) or create a custom range and select specific dates.

Run Report

Running your report will retrieve all the data based on your selected filters. You can also apply date filters from the run report interface.