This article explores the Run Report Interface and the different functions available.

Accessing the Run Report Interface

You can access the Run Report Interface by clicking on a Report Name via the Reports Tab or clicking on Run Report when in the Report Builder Interface.

Running the report will retrieve all the data specified in the report based on the data objects, columns and filters selected.

Run Report Functions

There are several options available when running a report:

  • Report Options - provides you with options to group the report by a specific field or filter by record ownership.
  • Time Frame - provides you with options to filter based on a specified date range.
  • Run Report - allows you to run the report (updating the data if changes have been made) or schedule future report runs.
  • Show Details / Hide Details - this function will show/hide the details in the report, most useful for summary and matrix reports when you only want to view aggregates.
  • Customize - will direct you to the report builder so you can make updates to the report.
  • Save - will save your report.
  • Save As - will allow you to save a new version of the report.
  • Delete - will delete the report.
  • Printable View - exports your report to Excel so that it can be printed.
  • Export Details - allows you to export the report to Excel or CSV.
  • Add to Campaign - allows you to add Contact Reports to a Campaign in Salesforce.
  • Subscribe - allows you to subscribe to the report and receive notifications.