This article explores the process for subscribing to reports so that you can get automated notifications.

Open a report via the Reports Tab and click on the Subscribe Button to initiate the process of subscribing to the report.

The Report Subscription options allow you to set certain Conditions for when the report is run and a Schedule for when to run the report. You can then select Actions that define how you will receive the report notification.

  • Type - defines when the subsciption actions are run.
  • Conditions - allows you to set certain conditions that define when the actions are run.
  • Schedule - allows you to set a schedule for when to run the report. At the specified time the report will run and identify the conditions to determine whether the actions are fired.
  • Actions - defines how the report will be delivered to you.
    • Send Salesforce1 Notification - will provide a notification on your mobile device if you have Salesforce1 installed.
    • Post to Chatter Feed - will send a notification to your Chatter Feed in Salesforce.
    • Schedule - allows you to set a schedule for when to identify conditions and run actions.
    • Active - sets the subscription to active when ticked.