This article introduces you to Tasks in Salesforce, showing you how to create tasks, manage tasks and assign tasks to other users.

Creating a Task

You can create Tasks in a variety of places throughout the system.

  • On your Home Tab you'll see a list called My Tasks, here you can filter tasks that have been assigned to you and create new Tasks.
  • Click New to create a new task.

  • Alternatively you'll see Tasks in the Open Activities Related Lists in Salesforce Records. Completed Tasks will be moved to the Activity History Related List. All data objects in the system can have Tasks on their page layout, but most commonly you'll see and use Tasks in Organisation and Contact Reocrds.
  • Creating a new task from a record will automatically assign the task with the context of that record.
  • Click New Task to create a new task.

New Task Page Layout

After clicking New Task you'll be presented with the New Task Page Layout and you can enter your Task details.

  • Assigned To - this is a mandatory field and will default to your user, to select a different user click on the Lookup Icon and search for a user.
  • Subject - a short desciption of the Task.
  • Due Date - deadline for Task completion.
  • Comments - any additional details about the Task.
  • Related To - a record in the system that the Task is related to. This will default if you're creating the Task from a particular record.
  • Name - the Contact or Lead in the system that the Task is related to. This will default to the Contact or Lead if you're creating the Task from that particular record.
  • Status - status of the Task.
  • Priority - priority of the Task.
  • Create Recurring Series of Tasks - create Tasks on a recurring schedule. Checking this box will open up the schedule configuration.
  • Reminder - will send you a reminder that the Task needs to be completed at the selected date/time.
  • Attachments - add related files to the Task.

Assigning Tasks

Clicking on the Lookup Icon next to the Assign To Field will allow you to assign the Task to a different user in the system. Enter a search string and click Go! if the user name doesn't appear immediately.

You can also assign the Task to more than one user by navigating to the Multiple Users Tab.

From the Multiple Users Tab you can assign the task by individual Users or by Public Groups.

Add Available Members to the Selected Members area.