This article shows you how to create Events in Salesforce. Events are calendar items that allow you to schedule meetings with Contacts in the system. Events can also be plugged into your email client, so that they sync between the 2 platforms.

Creating Events

You can create Events from several places in Salesforce.

  • On your Home Tab you'll see a section titled Calendar, here you can view upcoming events and create a New Event or a New Meeting Request.

  • From Salesforce Records where Open Activities and Activity History have been made visible you can create an Event that is related to that particular record.
  • Click New Event to create a new event.

Event Page Layout

After clicking New Event you'll be presented with the Event Page Layout and can add some Event Details.

  • Assigned To - the person organising the Event.
  • Subject - short description of the Event.
  • All-Day Event - indicates an all day event and blocks out the need to add times.
  • Start - start date/time of the Event.
  • End - end date/time of the Event.
  • Related To - a record in the system that the Event is related to.
  • Name - the Contact/s in the system that the Event is related to. Click Add to Invitees to add Contacts to the invitee list at the bottom of the page.
  • Private - the Event will be hidden from other users.
  • Location - where the Event will be held.
  • Show Time As - defines how your calednar will look to other users.
  • Description - further details about the Event.
  • Create Recurring Series of Events - creates a recurring Event. Check the box to configure the schedule.
  • Reminder - sets the reminder before the Event.
  • Attachments - attach relevant files about the Event.
  • Add Invitees - click to add other Contacts, Leads or Users.

Add Invitees

Clicking the Add Invitees Button will open a window where you can add multiple Contacts, Leads and Users to the invitee list.

  • Enter search strings and click Go! to find individuals.
  • Select individuals by ticking the checkbox next to their name and click Insert Selected to add them to the invitee list.
  • Click Done when you've added all invitees.