This article shows you how to send an email from Salesforce. This is a useful function when you'd like to record the email in Salesforce against a Contact Record.

Sending an Email

You can send emails in Salesforce from any Contact Record. Scroll down to the Activity History Related List and click Send an Email.

Compose an Email

From the Send an Email Page you can compose and send your email.

  • Select Template - add a pre-configured template with letterhead, images, field bindings, etc.
  • Email Format - select HTML to make the body a rich text area.
  • To / Additional To / CC / BCC - select the recipients of the email as you would in your standard email client.
  • Related To - relates the Email to a selected record in the system.
  • Subject and Body - compose your email.
  • Attach File - attach any relevant files.
  • Send - click when you're ready to send the email.

Work with your System Administrator to develop some useful Email Templates that you can use when sending emails.

Emails sent from Salesforce will come from the emal address assigned to your user record and responses to the emails will be directed to that email's inbox.