This article explores Alerts that can be assigned to Contact Records to help better inform system users of valuable information about a contact.

An Alert can be added to a Contact Record via the Alerts Related List. Access a Contact Record and scroll down the page until you see the Alerts Related List, then click New to create a new Alert.

Come up with some internal business rules to help define what constitutes an alert.

Alert Records generally consist of a Status and a Description. In some cases, the Alerts record will be extended to include Alert Types (Danger, Info, Urgent, Sensitive, Warning, etc.) and the type will define the colour that the Alert appears on the Contact Detail Page.

Set the Status to Active for it to appear on the Contact Detail Page.

Set the Status to Inactive if the Alert is no longer relevant.

Active Alerts will appear at the top of the Contact Detail Page so that they're visible when you access the Contact Record.