This article explores the Contacts Tab and provides some guidance on how to navigate to the various functions within the tab.

Accounts/Organisations and Contacts provide the foundation for your CRM system. The Contacts Tab will feature prominently in your environment, you'll see it when accessing an app where the tab has been made visible.

When clicking into the tab, by default you'll see the Recent Contacts that you've accessed. To access more Contacts you'll need to select a View and click Go!.

You can click on the Contact Name to access the record.

  1. Contacts Tab
  2. Contacts View
  3. New Contact Button
  4. Contacts List
  5. Contacts Reports
  6. Contacts Tools

After selecting a View and clicking Go! the view will update to show all the Contacts based on the view's filters.

From this view you can:

  1. Switch between List and Feed. You can also Print the List View.
  2. Filter Contact Names by letter.
  3. Click to Edit, Delete or Follow (plus icon with green background) a Contact.
  4. Update the Contacts visible per page and click through to Previous or Next pages.