This article discusses the General Settings Tab in the Campaign Monitor Admin App. It's recommended that the General Settings are configured before running any campaigns.

General Settings Tab

  • When a contact or lead is unsubscribed from all lists update the Salesforce email opt out field.
    • Meaning: If the contact has unsubscribed from all subscriber lists the Email Opt Out checkbox on their Contact Record will be ticked, which will help to prevent the Contact being added to future subscriber lists.
  • When I click the email opt out field I want to update any linked subscriber list records to show an unsubscribed status.
    • Meaning: When you tick the Email Opt Out Field on the Contact Record the contact will be unsubscribed from all lists that they're currently subscribed to.
  • If the email opt out field is checked stop the record being added to any subscriber lists.
    • Meaning: If Email Opt Out is checked on the Contact Record this will prevent the contact from being added to subscriber lists, even if they meet the necessary criteria.
  • When I delete a contact or lead I want to update any linked records in Campaign Monitor to show a deleted status.
    • Meaning: This will update the status on Campaign Monitor records indicating that the contact or lead has been deleted.
  • I want to see the Campaign Monitor Tabs in Salesforce.
    • Meaning: This will make visible the Campaign Monitor Tabs that are visible when accessing the Campaign Monitor app external to Salesforce (see image below).

The settings in the image below are the recommended settings and the safest settings in ensuring your communications are controlled.