This article explores the creation of a subscriber list and the view of a created subscriber list. Subscriber Lists that are created in Salesforce will be sync'ed with Campaign Monitor and any that have been previously created in Campaign Monitor will be visible in Salesforce.

Subscriber List Tab

The Subscriber List Tab is accessible in the Campaign Monitor Tab. Before running any Campaigns it's recommended that you set up subscriber lists which will determine the recipients for your various email communications.

To create a new subscriber list, click New.

New Subscriber List

When you click New you'll need to add some details to define your new subscriber list.

  • List Name - give your list a meaningful name.
  • List Type - Single opt-in OR Confirmed opt-in. Confirmed opt-in requires the contact to confirm their subscription to the list.
  • Unsubscribe Settings - All Client Lists OR Only This List. All Client Lists will unsubscribe the contact from all lists when they unsubscribe from this list and Only This List will only unsubscribe the contact from this list.

Subscriber List View

Clicking in to view a subscriber list will show you some statistics about the list - Unsubscribes, Active Subscribers, Bounces, etc.