From time to time you will encounter issues with the SalesForce for Outlook connector.  There will be instances where the panel says, “you’re not connected to SalesForce” or the panel doesn’t appear at all.

You can contact CompNet ( to help you resolve these issues, or you can try any of the below workarounds to attempt fixing it on your own.

Workaround 1

  1. Close Outlook.  Make sure you don’t have any other Outlook instances open.  Sometimes it takes a while to fully close Outlook especially when you have multiple mailboxes open, so it would be recommended to wait for a couple of minutes after clicking the X button.

  2. [optional] Open Task Manager by right-clicking an empty space in your taskbar and selecting Task Manager on the context-menu that opens (you can also open Task Manager by hitting CTLR+SHIFT+Esc).  In the Processes tab, make sure there are no Microsoft Outlook or outlook.exe entries existing.  If you find one (or two), select and then click End Task.

  3. Look for the SalesForce for Outlook icon in your system notification area (lower-right area of the desktop where the clock is).  You may need to click the caret button to show hidden icons.  Right-click the icon and click Exit.  Wait for a minute for the process to properly terminate.

  4. Load the SalesForce for Outlook connector again by double-clicking the shortcut on your Desktop.

  5. Load Outlook.  You may need to wait a few minutes for the side panel to appear and connect.  This is especially true for users with multiple mailboxes open.  Outlook will sync all new mails first before loading the add-ins/plugins (including the SalesForce panel).

Workaround 2

If the side panel does not appear even after doing the steps in Workaround 1, follow the additional steps below.

  1. In Outlook, click File from the ribbon menu and select Options.

  2. Click Add-ins then the Go… button.
  3. In the COM Add-ins window, look for the SalesForce for Outlook connector entry and make sure that the checkbox is ticked.  
  4. Click OK.
  5. Restart Outlook.  Again, wait for a few minutes for the mails to sync and for the add-ins to load.

If after doing the above and it still gives you issues, contact CompNet and they will look into it further.  

Similarly, if the side-panel asks you to update the connector to the latest version, contact CompNet as the installation will need local administrative privileges.