This article explores the process for merging Contacts. The typical scenario for merging Contacts is when duplicates are found.

Merge Contacts Button

To access the Merge Contacts Button you need to access an Account/Organisation Record then scroll down the page to the Contacts Related List.

This means that you can only merge Contacts who are associated to the same Account/Organisation.

Click the Merge Contacts Button to intiate the process.

Step 1 - Select the record to merge

  1. From this page you can type in a search string and click Find Contacts. This will retrieve all contacts with the specified search string.
  2. You can then select two or three records to merge.
  3. Click Next to progress to step 2.

Step 2 - Select the values to retain

  1. Select a Master Record to be retained via the radio buttons.
  2. For each field that is different you have the option of selecting one value to retain via the radio buttons.
  3. Click Merge when all fields have been carefully specified.

It's a good idea to check that the retained record is saved as you've expected with all related records, at least on the first few occasions while you're getting familiar with the functionality.