This article shows you how to add Contacts to Subscriber Lists by creating filtered contat views and then adding the filtered contacts to Salesforce Campaign, which can then be used to define a Subscriber List.

Contacts - Adding Contacts to a Campaign

When you click into the Contacts Tab you'll see the Add to Campaign Button when you click into a contacts view.

To add contacts to a Campaign you can select or create a new filtered view, then click the checkboxes in the left hand column in the contacts view and click Add to Campaign.

If you need to create a new filtered view, click on the Cog Icon and select New.

After clicking Add to Campaign a window will pop up and ask which Campaign you'd like to add the contacts to.

  • Select a Campaign or create a new Campaign if needed.
  • The contacts will be added as Campaign Members to the Campaign. You can select the Member Status that is assigned to the Campaign Member Record.
  • For Existing Campaign Members you can select if their Member Status is updated or remains the same.

Connecting a Salesforce Campaign to a Subscriber List

After creating a Salesforce Campaign and assigning Campaign Members you can then add your Campaign Members to a Subscriber List.

Open a Campaign via the Campaigns Tab and under the Related section of the Campaign Record you'll see the Campaign Members relationship. Click the Arrow Icon and select Add Members to Subscriber List.

You can then select an existing Subscriber List or to create a new Subscriber List (if needed) to add your Campaign Members to.