This article steps you through the process of creating and sending a new Campaign.

New Campaign

After you've configured your Subscriber Lists you're ready to create a Campaign.

Go to the Campaign Monitor Tab and click Create a New Campaign.

Define Sender Details

Give your Campaign a Name, Subject Line and define who the email address that will send the Campaign.

Click Next to continue.

Email Template

Choose the email template that you'd like to use.

You can choose from a set of templates that Campaign Monitor provides and update them to meet your emails requirements or upload your own design.

Building Your Email Template

You can then update the content and format of your template using the drag-and-drop functions available in the Build section of the interface.

Click Preview to continue.

Preview Your Email Template

You can then see what your email looks like on various devices.

Click Define Recipients to continue.

Select Subscriber Lists

Select the Subscriber Lists to define who will receive the Campaign. There's also an option to Import New subscribers from a CSV file.

It's recommended that you use existing Subscriber Lists or create new Subscriber List whenever possible (rather than import new), as it enables better tracking of your emails in Salesforce.

Campaign Snapshot

You'll then get a snapshot of your Campaign to confirm the details before sending.

Click Schedule Delivery to continue.

It's recommended that you send at least one test email (click Send a Test) before sending the email to your subscribers. Send it to others in your organisation for some feedback.

Send Your Campaign

Finally, when you've completed your tests and confirmed the details of your campaign are correct, you can then send your Campaign.

  • Click Send Campaign Now to send your campaign immediately.
  • Select Schedule for a specific time to schedule your campaign delivery.