This article explores the DC Setup Tab, this is where you can access a range of information about your account, access help guides, setup data objects for search and configure scenarios that are used for DC Jobs.

DC Home

By default you'll see the DC Home interface when accessing the DC Setup Tab.

  1. Object Setup - allows you to setup scenarios on selected data objects and configure new data objects.
  2. General Setup - access to account settings and license information.
  3. Home - provides an overview of configured data objects.
  4. License - provides an overview of license information.
  5. Information - provides access to user guides.
  6. Updates - provides updates of releases and bug fixes.

Some of the functions Duplicate Check functions will require you to upgrade your license. For example - setting up new data objects, accessing Fuzzy Search and running searches on more than 5,000 records.


Scenarios are used to define duplicate search criteria. For example, a common duplicate search of Contacts in the database would be to match on Email Address - this can be setup as a scenario.

To configure a scenario, click on the object that you'd like to configure.

You'll then be presented with the current scenario that is configured for the object. Click on the arrow icon, next to the scenario name to view more details about the scenario.

The key to configuring the scenario is Weighting fields accordingly to meet the Threshold. When a DC Job is run across the database it will find duplicates where the sum of the field weightings is larger than the threshold value.

For example:

  • In a Contact Scenario, if you wanted duplicate emails to be detected regardless of other values, then you'd set the Email weighting to be equal to or greater than the threshold.
  • In an Organisation/Account Scenario, if you wanted duplicate Organisation Names to be detected, then you'd set the Organisation Name weighting to be equal to or greater than the threshold.

The approach for your organisation can be developed to meet your specific needs. A good way to start if you're unsure:

Contact Scenario:

  • Leave the Threshold on 75%.
  • Set First Name weighting to 30%.
  • Set Last Name weighting to 30%.
  • Set Email weighting to 100%.
  • Set Mobile Number weighting to 100%.
  • Set Phone weighting to 30%.
  • Set Street Address weighting to 30%.

Organisation/Account Scenario:

  • Leave the Threshold on 75%.
  • Set Organisation/Account Name to 100%.
  • Set Phone to 100%.
  • Set Street Address to 100%