This article explores the DC Job Tab, which allows you to run a duplicate check process across all records in the system for a selected data object. Results can then be reviewed a merged.

DC Job Tab

From the DC Job Tab you'll see a table of all processed and scheduled jobs, and have the option to Add New Job.

Add New Job

After clicking the Add New Job Button, you can give your job a name, select the data object that you'd like to run a check on and select the scenario which you've configured for that data object.

The new job will then be added to the Processed table with a Processing status. Depending on the size of the database, this will take a few minutes to process

Merging Records

When the Progress is updated to Complete, you can start to review your possible duplicates and merge them.

Click the Arrow Icon next to the job Name and click View Results.

To initiate a merge, select the records within the Group and click Merge.

You'll then be presented with the merge interface where you can select the data that will be retained in the merged record.

  1. Click the Master Button to select which record will be the master, this is usually the record with the most accurate data.
  2. Use the radio buttons to define which data will be retained in the merged record.
  3. Click the Merge Button to complete the merge process.

Data that is not retained in the merged record will be deleted from the system, so be careful to not discard any valuable information.