This article explores the DC Search Tab, which allows users to search data objects for duplicates based on specific data values.

DC Search

The DC Search Tab allows you to search the database for specific values. By default, you'll have access to the Organisation, Contact and Lead data objects, and can enter values in the fields available to find possible duplicates.

  1. Select the data object that you'd like to search within.
  2. Enter a value in one of the provided fields based on your search criteria.
  3. Click the Search Button. You can also click Create if you'd like to create a new record.
  4. A table will appear after conducting the search that provides the results of your search.
  5. Where duplicates have been found you can select records in the table by clicking the checkbox in the first column and choose to Merge.

Merge Records

To merge records, select the duplicates by clicking the checkbox in the first column of the table, then click Merge.

After clicking Merge you'll be presented with a screen that displays the selected records and allows you to manage the data that will be added to the merged record.

  1. Click the Master Button to define which record will be the Master. This will usually be the record that has the most accurate data.
  2. Click the radio buttons to define which data will be retained.
  3. Click Merge to complete the process and merge the records.

The data that is not selected to be merged will be deleted from the database, so make sure you don't discard any valuable data.