This article explores  Donations and Memberships. These are Opportunity records in Salesforce.

Opportunities are typically used in Salesforce to support a sales process but can be adapted slightly to support transactions as well. For example - where a product is sold or a donation is made to your organisation, we'd record these as Opportunities and close them as won without the need to follow a formal sales process.

Opportunities Tab

From the Opportunities Tab you'll get an overview of all the Opportunities that have been recorded in Salesforce. You will find this in the 'Doxa Organisational' app.

  1. Click on the DonationsTab.
  2. Select a filtered View to see a list of Opportunities.
  3. Create a new filtered View to see Opportunities that are relevant to you.
  4. Initiate the process of creating a new Opportunity by clicking the NewButton.
  5. Open an Opportunity by clicking on the Opportunity Name.

Opportunity Detail

After clicking into an Opportunity you can access the details by clicking into the Details section.

  1. Stages - represented across the top of the interface so that you can easily track the progress of the Opportunity. Each stage has an associated probability which helps to define the value of the Opportunity Pipeline.
  2. Primary Campaign Source - optionally the Opportunity can be related to a Campaign to help track how successful the Campaign is to your organisation.
  3. Related Records - to the right of the interface you'll see all the record that are related to the Opportunity.
  4. Opportunity Actions -
    • Follow - track Opportunity updates through your Chatter Feed.
    • Edit - update the Opportunity details.
    • New Note - create a related note.