This article steps you through the process for generating an Individual Donation Receipt using the Donation Receipt Generation Page. This function is used to generate ad hoc receipts based on a donor's request.

To geneate an Individual Receipt:

  1. Access the Donation Receipt Generation Page via the App Launcher.
  2. Receipt Type - select Individual, this indicates that you want to generate a receipt.
  3. Process Type - select Individual, this means that you only need a single receipt.
  4. Opportunity Type - this filters the Donation Search by Type (Contact or Organisation).
  5. Start Date & End Date - select a date range for retrieving Opportunities/Donations to narrow the search. This references the Close Date on the Opportunity/Donation.
  6. Donation Search - type s search string based on Contact or Organisation Name to find the Donation.
  7. Generate Receipt - this will generate a bulk PDF file with all receipts.