This article steps you through the process for generating Direct Mail receipts using the Donation Receipt Generation Page. Contacts who make a Donation but do not have an email address populated in Salesforce will be placed in a Direct Mail Queue.

To geneate receipts in the Direct Mail Queue:

  1. Access the Donation Receipt Generation Page via the App Launcher.
  2. Receipt Type - select Direct Mail, this identifies Opportunities/Donations where a receipt has not been issued yet.
  3. Process Type - select Bulk, this means that receipts will be generated for multiple Donations.
  4. Start Date & End Date - select a date range for retrieving Opportunities/Donations. This references the Close Date on the Opportunity/Donation.
  5. User/Opportunity Owner - select the owner of the Opportunities/Donations, this will retrieve only records created by this user.
  6. Generate Receipt - this will generate a bulk PDF file with all receipts.

When receipts are generated in the Direct Mail the Receipt Status on the Opportunity/Donation record is updated so that they no longer appear in the Direct Mail.