This article steps you through the process of adding contacts to a Subscriber List from a report.

When creating a Salesforce Report where "Contact" is used is a primary data object in the report template, there will be an option to add the report Contacts to a Campaign. From a Campaign record, Contacts can be added to a Subscriber List.

Apply filters to the report to get a list of contacts that you'd like to add to a Campaign (and Subscriber List).

After saving and running the report, you will see the "Add to Campaign" option in the action menu in the top right of the interface.

You can then select an existing Campaign or create a new Campaign to add the Contacts from the report.

From the Campaign Record you can then add the Campaign Members to a Subscriber List via the Campaign Members related list.

You can then select an existing Subscriber List or create a new Subscriber List to add the Campaign Members.