This article steps you through the process for applying subscriber rules to a Subscriber List which will automatically add or remove a Contact to a Subscriber List based on specified criteria.

From a Subscriber List record in Salesforce you will see the "Subscriber Rules" option down the right hand side of the page. Clicking into this screen will give you access to a set of configuration options that allows you to add/remove contacts or leads automatically to the subscriber list.

  • Rule Action - define whether this is an "Add" or "Delete" rule.
  • Edit - opens the form so that you can create or edit the rule.
  • Evaluation Time - defines when the rule is triggered.
  • Subscriber Rule Status - set the rule to Active or Inactive.
  • Rule Criteria - defines the criteria that must be met for the rule to run.
  • Rule Logic - defines the logic (using AND and OR) to combine the Rule Criteria logic.
  • Retrospective Run - Runs the logic on historical records to ensure the data is up-to-date.